The Budget Double - quality accommodation, economy rate

The budget double room is compact but provides all the wanted features with air conditioning, cable TV, and self contained bathroom.

The motel-style Budget Double rooms are big on value and low on price for what they offer - a great combination for couples or singles at K299/night.

In the budget double, facilities include CAble TV, tea and doffer facilities, and bar fridge.

There are some differences in configuration among them - two are shown here - but they share the attributes of being smaller than the Deluxe Double while sharing many features of the bigger rooms.

The en suite bathroom is of generous size with a hand basin, toilet, and shower.

Deluxe facilities in a smaller room

Features of the Budget Double rooms include:

  • Air conditioning and fan cooling for tropical comfort
  • En suite bathroom and toilet for privacy and convenience
  • Bar fridge for drinks and snacks
  • Bench/table with chair
  • Cable TV to keep in touch with the world and for entertainment
  • Tea and coffee facilities.
Budget double rooms are in two styles but both feature a good double bed and facilities.

These rooms are quality accommodation at an economy price made even better from time to time by seasonal discounts or special offers. Ask about them when you call to book.

This is the kind of accommodation that provides an excellent base for you whether you are a tourist holidaying in Kavieng or visiting here on business.

At K299/night these rooms are truly budget while offering air conditioned comfort and en suite privacy.

Fish, a motif in this Island province with its extensive fisheries.
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